About Us


A small, local company on the east coast that was founded by a person who has a passion for fitness and US manufacturing. We have set out to bring you the coolest looking kettlebells but one's that keep their functionality. Our kettlebells are meticulously engineered to maintain the integrity and balance of a traditional kettlebell and can be used in all forms of kettlebell movements, just like a standard kettlebell. From the artists rendition, to the engineering to the foundry pouring the iron, every aspect of ZOOBELLS was made by American hands.


About The Owner:

A 3 time North East CrossFit Regional competitor, Joe is no stranger to kettlebells and fitness. It was through these experiences with fitness that ZOOBELLS was born. A one man operation, every kettlebell, t-shirt, e-mail, question or comment is handled, packaged, shipped, answered and replied to by Joe. 



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