One Arm Kettlebell Swing July 13 2014

This movement will start with your feet shoulder width apart, the kettlebell held in the "hang" position between your legs. The arm not holding the kettlebell should be slightly out to the side acting as a counter balance. 

Just like our traditional kettlebell swing, we will initiate a backwards motion to gain momentum. The kettlebell is traveling back with our bend and we will use the backwards momentum to thrust the kettlebell forward. Free hand is counterbalancing. 

Using the momentum from the back swing, we will allow the kettlebell to begin it's ascent. Keep core tight, free arm off to the side and arm holding the kettlebell locked out or just a slight bend in the elbow. 

The final position will have the kettlebell at shoulder/eye level, arm locked out, hips open and core nice and tight.