Kettlebell Clean July 13 2014

The kettlebell clean will be the most technical movement we go over. The image of the pull is slightly exaggerated to help in the explanation of that part. 

The beginning stance is a half squat, just enough to build momentum up. Feet shoulder width apart, toes slightly out, arm locked out. Begin to stand up, bringing the kettlebell with you. When the kettlebell hit's the hips, begin the shrug into the pull. The transition from the pull into the "catch" is very fast and the most difficult part. As you reach the top of the pull, you will begin to rotate your arm backwards, the elbow traveling below the kettlebell and tucked in to your side. From there you will "catch" the kettlebell on the shoulder (elbows up!) and stand. (This movement can also be done from the hang wherein you would bend slightly to gain that momentum to ascend the kettlebell. The pull and rotation of the kettlebell remains the same).